Some common conditions that respond well to Chiropractic care


Headaches can be very debilitating. They can cause extreme discomfort.


Sciatica pain is caused by an irritation, inflammation, pinching or compression of a nerve in the lower back.


Referred pain is pain perceived at a location other than the site of the painful origin.


There are many types and causes of Headache.
Today I am going to focus on one of the most common types which is called;


This means that the headache is originating from your neck region, more specifically, the upper neck just below the skull.
These types of headache are often very frequent and or daily, and they appear to worsen during the day.

The first question I ask the Patient is …”does your headache feel like it’s coming from your neck?” If the answer is “yes” then Chiropractic treatment has a very good chance of helping.

So if you are experiencing this type of headache, I would suggest you consult a Chiropractor.

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Sciatica pain is caused by an irritation, inflammation, pinching or compression of a nerve in the lower back.

The Sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in the body. It starts from your nerve roots in your lower back, and these merge together in your buttock region, to become the Sciatic nerve. This nerve runs down the back of your leg all the way into your toes.

Today, I will discuss the most common cause for Sciatica pain which is some type of compression on the nerve roots in your lower back. The most common being a disc lesion.

Sciatica can present as a mild pain, numbness or tingling in your lower back, buttocks or lower limb. It all depends on how much pressure or irritation is being applied to the nerve root….in some cases it can be extremely debilitating and painful, along with severe weakness of some muscles in your limb.

Cases like this are generally referred for further investigation, as surgical intervention may be necessary.

Chiropractic treatment can help with this condition. It very important that your Chiropractor performs a comprehensive neurological/ orthopaedic exam to access your degree of Sciatica and nerve compression before commencing treatment.

Mild Sciatica can sometimes take up to six weeks before its resolved.

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Referred pain is commonly seen in my practice, and some patients have difficulty in understanding this ailment.

For example a patient will present with pain in between the shoulder blade and the spine and some pain into the arm and shoulder. This can happen elsewhere in the body, and generally originates from the spine generally on one side only.

This pain normally worsens whilst the patient is driving or sitting at a desk etc. and they will ask someone to please massage the area, but the pain won’t go away.

The reason for this is that the source of the pain is originating from the mid neck region but the patient feels no pain there!

The cause is most commonly a pinched nerve, as it exits the spinal foramina in the mid neck area. Chiropractic is very effective in the treatment of many referred pain conditions.

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